Experience Survey

FMAR Striving for the Best Experience for Our Patients


95%     Would refer family and friends to us.
95%     Agree that our Front Desk staff are friendly and helpful.  
100%   Agree that our Clinical Staff is friendly and helpful.
99%     Agree that their healthcare provider spent enough time with them.
93%     Agree that they can get a routine check-up appointment within a reasonable time.
87%     Agree that they can get a same day appointment when they want one. 
85%     Agree that they can get advice from us when the office is closed.
83%     Said they waited in the waiting room less than 15 minutes beyond their appointment time.
79%     Said they waited less than 15 minutes in the exam room for the provider to come in.

We continue to work on ways to improve your experience at Family Medical Associates. Your feedback is welcome. Please let us if any suggestions for improving our performance.

Help Us to always give you a great experience

We continue to work on ways to improve your experience at Family Medical Associates. Your feedback is welcome. Please let us if any suggestions for improving our performance.

Our Online Services

We are pleased to announce that Family Medical Associates will be moving our current website portal to a new platform starting on March 22, 2016.  We are excited about this move and hope that it will provide a better portal experience for our patients.

The following information is important to note:
Our staff will continue to use the current portal until Friday March 18, 2016.  Our portal will then be discontinued on March 22.  Our new portal will be available on April 8, 2016.  Basic functionality may be available prior to however full functionality will not be released until April 8.  During this time period between March 22 to April 8 our staff will use phone calls and postal mail for communicating with our patients.

You will be required to create a new account with a new username and password in order to access the new portal.  This is necessary to link the new portal to your medical record and unfortunately cannot be avoided as part of the implementation process.  

To ensure consistency and security with your medical record and to prevent the creation of duplicate accounts, your first name, last name, date of birth and zip code must exactly match our records in order for your registration to be successful.  If you have recently changed names or moved it may be necessary to contact our office to ensure your file is up to date if you have trouble registering.

In addition, historical information such as messages, appointments and bill payment history will no longer be available after March 22, 2016.  This historical information will not be deleted from your record in our system, it simply will no longer be view-able on the new portal.  Our office staff will be able to reference your previous messages and history as needed from within our internal records system.  If you would like to have personal copies of your previous messages it will be necessary for you to print this information from your personal computer.  Again, please understand this information has not been deleted from your chart but simply will no longer be available on the portal site after March 22.

We are excited to re-launch our website portal and have considered feedback from all of our patients in the creation and use of the new portal.  We hope this will provide better opportunities for communication, less unnecessary notifications and better access to your health information.  We appreciate your patience during the transition.  Please stay tuned for invitations and further information to be sent to you and presented at your next office visit.

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